August 16th, 2021

Brighter than the Brontës

The Brontës, although indirectly, are the benefactors of a couple of local hospices as we read in the Ilkley Gazette:

Two local hospices have each received a donation from the owners of the former auction mart site on Billams Hill, Otley.
Amy Houldsworth, who family own the site, recently presented £1,050 each to representatives of Sue Ryder Wheatfields Hospice and Saint Michael’s Hospice. The money was raised by renting part of the site as a base for Popara Films Ltd who were filming locally a period feature film ‘Emily’ based on the life of Emily Brontë. (Claire Lomax)
ScreenRant shares the best quotes from the Gilmore Girls. Including this memorable one by Paris Geller: 
"Granted, They Know Nothing Of Ukrainian Politics Or The Periodic Table, But When It Comes To Boys, They’re Brighter Than The Brontës." 
Reddit user mingmingcherry loves this Paris quote and explained, "It's Paris talking to Rory about getting boy advice. (Aya Tsintziras)
The worst couples in literature in The Times of India:
Heathcliff and Catherine in Wuthering Heights
On one hand, they are one of the best-loved literary couples, and on the other, one of the worst. Catherine and Heathcliff's relationship can only be described as mutually destructive and abusive. It's the kind of obsessive love that prioritizes control over a person and loses sight of the individual's happiness.
Edward Rochester and Bertha Mason in Jane Eyre
While we don't get to see much of Bertha in 'Jane Eyre', Jean Rhys gives us a glimpse into the young Bertha's betrothal to Rochester in her prequel novel, 'Wide Sargasso Sea'. Bertha is wedded to Rochester in the Caribbean, though the couple barely knows each other. They never really hit it. She ends up being locked in the attic because she is "mad" as per Rochester.
York Notes lists summer reads for English Literature lovers:
Wide Sargasso Sea by Jean Rhys
This masterpiece gives a voice to the ‘madwoman in the attic’, Bertha Mason, from Jane Eyre. It follows the story of Antoinette Cosway as she falls in love with a young Englishman and her plunge into despair as her marriage disintegrates.
Penguin interviews the author Shon Faye:
What was your favourite book when you were a teenager?
Wuthering Heights. I think I found Heathcliff sexy as a teen, but I have fortunately learned to stay away from narcissistic men since, haha.
Another interview with an author. Love Reading interviews Nell Carter:
I’m not really a re-reader, i.e. I’m not someone who might re-read a novel a few times. (Exceptions are Wuthering Heights and One Day. I like tortured male characters!) (Interview by Liz Robinson)

SWA (Indonesia) quotes Emily Brontë on arrogance.